Monday, October 18, 2004

The Big Match

Not really being a sports fan I never really 'get' the exitement of world cups, Europeans cups, qualifying matches and the like. I certainly don't choose to watch sport on TV. If I ever do I'll probably start with women's beach volleyball and ladies gymnastics, though the former is arguably closer to soft porn than real sport.

The closest I ever get to understanding what excites sports fans is at political election time. We are told the coming US elections could be the most significant in living memory, and Bush and Kerry are virtually neck and neck. There's all to play for and everything to loose. I'm unashamedly a Bush man, I intistinctivly warm to a man who reduces liberals to such incoherent, incredulous apoplexy. I'll certainly be staying up to watch the results on election night.

I've discovered this US election poll tracker on the BBC, which I'll use to keep track of the latest poll information. I'm no supporter of the BBC either, but they are good at charts, and elections aren't elections without Peter Snow jumping up and down like a four year old needing the toilet.


Blogger James F Hamilton said...

While I agree with some of this I think you miss out some important points.

11:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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