Sunday, September 19, 2004

Loaded for Bear

"In Britain last week, MPs voted to ban hunting with dogs, depriving people of the chance to chase foxes armed with nothing more lethal than a pack of hounds. In America, the 1994 ban on military-style assault rifles passed by Bill Clinton has now expired after President George W Bush failed to extend it. Now, all you need if you want to take a walk in the woods equipped like Rambo is about $1,000. In America, it's known as being 'loaded for bear'“ today's Sunday Telegraph

Now that’s what I call fieldsports!


Blogger DirtCrashr said...

Actually a weenie little .223 AR15 semi-auto isn't much for bear, not a brown bear (grizzly) anyhow! For that bundle of hide, bone, and gristle you want a century-old cartridge like the 45/70 - or like your Nitro Expres! Contrary to much media disinformation, repealing the ban also did not make machine-guns like Rambo carried in the movies legal either, more's the pity.

1:00 am  
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