Sunday, July 25, 2004

I hate computers.

I really, really, really hate computers. There's just so much about them that I don't understand. Every computer course I've ever done has either treated me like an idiot, (This is the screen, this is the keyboard etc) or assumed a vast level of knowledge that I just don't have. It's probably not computers I hate, just the feeling very, very stupid. Working for the NHS I can apply to study for the European Driving Licence in Computing (or some such nonsense), which apparently any NHS employee can ask to study regardless of whether they are a director or a cleaner. Who says the NHS wastes money. I'm instinctively skeptical of anything with the word European in the title, but it might be time to swallow my pride and give it a go. Meanwhile does anybody have any idea how to download my picture into my profile, or how to set up a list of favorite links?


Blogger Michael Riley said...


I am a computer technician with 25+ years of hands-on experience. I am able to save people a huge amount of frustration with their computer problems except people don't believe what I say.

Computers and printers, etc., are designed to fail. Usually right after the warranty expires. Sometimes they fail one day after the warranty sometimes 1-3 months after. The point is we are being lied to by the computer industry.

I see it clearly because of my experience. Other technicians say I am wrong. They don't know what I know. Google the "floppy controller defect" that is a defect that Toshiba (and the rest of the computer industry concealed...lied about)was sued for knowingly concealing. It is consumer fraud. I can stop this planned obsolescence.

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